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Individual Therapy

Does this sound familiar?
You’re a high achieving individual and to the outside world, you seem “fine.”
Internally, you set perfectionist standards for yourself, you are your own worst critic, and you struggle to feel fine.
Caring about your family and friends, career, and personal expectations on a deep level is leading to feelings of anxiety, sadness, and burn out. Since you were a child you’ve been hyper-responsible and “mature for your age.” After years of emotional labor and carrying a heavy mental load you fantasize about what it would feel like to “drop the ball” and let others care about you for once.
On top of your personal life, news about the world around us seems so overwhelming at times, and while you care – often “too much” – it just adds to the feeling of over-stimulation.
Throughout your life you’ve been told you’re “too sensitive” and to “grow thicker skin” which only makes you feel like there is something wrong with you.
I get it! And I can help!
I help people understand their feelings better and recognize that their sensitivity is an asset. We will examine perfectionistic standards, boundaries, and learn skills to build self-compassion.
Empathic, empowering, and experienced – I use an integrative, individually tailored approach to meet you wherever you may be on your journey, providing support and skills with an easy-going nature.
I am open-minded and progressive, intent on helping all clients feel comfortable and get the most out of the therapy process.
Therapy can provide a space for you to focus on you.

"The good life is a process, not a state of being.
It is a direction not a destination."
- Carl R. Rogers -

I specialize in working with people who:
…Are high achievers but are also highly sensitive
…Can’t get past the inner critic
…Are feeling smothered by perfectionism
…Have trouble saying, “no”
…Wonder if they really are, “too sensitive”
…Are struggling to cope with life’s stressors – relationships, work, the world we live in!
…Want an improved understanding of themselves and their relationships
Together we will:
…Develop a trusting relationship
…Explore deep feelings and patterns
…Find your inner empathy and develop self-compassion
…Evaluate and establish ways to create boundaries
…Identify and implement coping and communication skills
…Improve your overall functioning and strengthen your relationship with yourself and others
If you’re interested in starting individual therapy, please contact Dr. Kelly today!
Please note that all services are provided virtually through confidential video sessions. 



Meet Dr. Kelly McAleer, Psy.D.

Dr. Kelly has a Doctorate degree in Clinical Psychology and 10+ years of experience treating a variety of mental health issues. Empathic, empowering, and experienced, she strives to make therapy a welcoming experience for all. Begin your journey today!

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